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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Mission: Getting Closer...

The past week has been very very busy.

We continued traveling west, driving another 24 hours.  (Decided that we are too old for 12-hour driving days and hope to cut back to only 3- or 4-hour days when we drive home in a year and a half....)

We attended Church in a very friendly town (Blue Springs, Missouri).  So many people spoke with us and made us feel welcome, inviting us to move to Blue Springs and being part of their family!

We arrived at our daughter's house to spend a week there with her and her son.

We helped her with many projects which were very satisfying to accomplish, the latest being installing a shelf in a closet which badly needed shelving.

We went to Insta Care.  Twice.  (On our second day out from home I discovered a nasty rash behind my left knee. I emailed a photograph to my doctor's office and was told I should contact medical care right away.  On Tuesday the doctor thought it was cellulitis and prescribed an antibiotic.  On Thursday the rash was taking over, not stopped one bit by that medicine.  On Thursday a different doctor (who had served in Brattleboro, Vermont twenty years ago),  was not sure it was cellulitis but prescribed a different antibiotic plus a topical steroid ointment.  Now, on Saturday,  the rash has stopped moving forward and may possibly be improving.  Thank you, Father.

We ordered a new suit for Dear One, along with a second pair of matching pants, shoes, missionary-like socks, and a belt.  We picked them up on Thursday.

On Friday two big fat boxes of gorgeous missionary clothes arrived for me from my sister in North Carolina.  They are just plain fabulous.  I tried them all on.  They all fit.  I have already chosen the outfit to wear to enter the Missionary Training Center (MTC)!  My sister teaches me again what generosity and thoughtfulness, and clear thinking, too, are all about.  She even sent a rain shell!  Not something I would have thought of.  She has read up on Portland, Oregon and weather conditions there.  Such a great example to me always.

We  (grandson and I) went to the library to replenish his library book supply, including the second Harry Potter book.

We went to a farmers' market.

We also went to a hole-in-the-wall place which opened Saturday with the first sweet corn of the year. Our supper tonight was freshly-picked sweet corn and new red rosemary potatoes.  (Recipe to follow!)

We finished our scripture study assignments that we were to read before entering the MTC.

We answered some questions about various "leftovers" back at home and sent some to the attic and some to share with others.

We enjoyed some Pepperidge Farms Thrift Store treats!  Too many of them, actually.

We recognized the blessings of air conditioning!

It has been a good week.  We hope your week has been as good.

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