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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Fun Paper Crafted Treat Boxes

Some time ago I ordered some chocolate-covered  cinnamon gummy bears from the BYU Bookstore.  They came in two days.  I have been dying to make some little boxes to put them in to share on Valentine Day.

After watching multiple box-making tutorials on YouTube I settled on a very simple hinged box.  The girl who showed how to make it made it lipstick-sized.  I thought I could do the same thing with different sized paper to get a larger box.  It turns out, I could!  It makes me very happy when one of "my projects" works out.

How I did it:

Using a Fiskars cutter (which actually drives me crazy since it is supposed to cute 12 by 12 paper but really only cuts 11 3/4...so aggravating) I cut one inch off the edge of the card stock which is attached to the binding so I had a piece of card stock that was 11 by 12.  I cut it the long way so I had three pieces which were 11 by 4 inches.

Using an EK Tools scoring board since my Martha Steward score board is at home, I scored both the long edges of each piece at 1 inch.  I turned to the short side and scored one inch from each end...switching ends after the first scoring.  At that point I then scored at 5 inches and then at 6 inches.

After burnishing on each of the score lines, I folded on each line.  At this point I was ready to cut.  On the long side I cut on each of the short score lines to the first long score line, making four little one-inch "boxes".  On the inner side of the two outer boxes/tabs, I cut a little wedge of paper out.

On the inner tabs I cut small wedges on both sides.  At this point I put tape-runner glue on each of those tabs then stuck them to the long sides that had not been cut.
 The new Extreme Tomboy glue runner which cost a lot of money and hope was TOTALLY WORTHLESS.  And I mean TOTALLY.  However, I managed to get the job done.

You can see where the one-inch "hinge" is in the middle of the paper. When folded and glued, it makes a really nifty box.  The completed box is 3 inches by 4 inches by 1 inch. Very satisfying size.

Here is the completed project.

In case you want to know,  you can put six of those chocolate-covered cinnamon gummy bears in each box.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Munchie Monday: Overnight Raspberry Chia Oatmeal

Here is another quick and easy breakfast!

In a one-cup widemouth jar place,

1/4 cup old fashioned oatmeal flakes
1 Tablespoon raspberry preserves
1 Tablespoon chia seeds
2/3 cup unsweetened almond milk

Stir well.  Add up to 10 fresh raspberries or as many as you can get into the jar.  Cover and put into the refrigerator overnight.  If you cannot get the raspberries in, just leave them out until morning when you give the cereal a stir, pour into a bowl, and top with raspberries.

Really good!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Food Friday: Sautéed Kale and Scrambled Eggs

Food experiments can turn out okay sometimes.  This time is one of those okay times.  It is not a great time, just okay.

We got a nice bag of baby kale while shopping last week.  It was a biggish bag and the refrigerator was rather fullish!  So...I put the kale bag on top of the eggs on the top shelf of the refrigerator which is right below the freezing compartment.  You guessed it!  Part of the bag froze.

Not wanting to waste it I decided to sauté it like I do spinach, except I did not take the time to chop any garlic or onions...well, we are down to our last onion and I never want to be without an onion in case some important dish comes to mind before I can get another bag.  So, this was just kale, a little granulated garlic, and then a couple of eggs scrambled in.

It looked rather nasty so I did not take a picture of it, but with a little bit of Table Tasty seasoning, it tasted okay, plus it had the added attraction of being slightly healthy.  Very little coconut oil in the pan and two eggs are not the best but...dark green leafy vegetables and protein...not all bad.  Better than the chocolate wafers from earlier.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Mission: Laundry Woes

Sometimes I amaze myself with my ineptitude!  Today is another example.

Last night I was really tired.  VERY tired.  I put the whites into the washer and set it going and was in bed by 7:30.  I had taken my "501 Spanish Verbs" to bed for some nighttime reading and went to sleep before putting the washing into the dryer, feeling confident that Dear One would notice the open doors to the laundry cubicle and move the clothes along.  Something that he does very regularly.

This morning I noticed the doors were mostly shut so I opened the dryer to get out the clean dried clothes.  Empty!  That was a surprise.  The bigger surprise came when I lifted the lid on the washer!

This is what I saw:

In case you cannot tell what it is--it is a whole roll of plastic garbage bags that must have fallen into the washing machine before I dumped in the dirty clothes. Without looking to see if anything was already in the washer tub.

This is how many there were:

Almost the whole roll of 100 bags.  Do I feel smart, or what?!!

Hopefully I will not do that particular error again.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

February Birthday Card

We have birthdays in February so I needed to get some cards made.

To tell you where the idea came from, I was watching a Frugal Crafter YouTube video.  She has been using Rubber Stamp Tapestry Peg Stamps for a long time, which successfully sucked me into buying a few!  I do love the few that I have bought from Rubber Stamp Tapestry.  The Frugal Crafter had designed some unmounted rubber stamps for them and made a couple of cards with them.  I liked them so I ordered her stamps and a couple of others.  They arrived on Thursday!

This is the first one I made with those stamps.  Some missionaries,  elders, were in the office after I had made the card (at home but brought to the office to mount).  I asked what they thought of it.  One of them said it was a little strange.  The other one said he liked it. He asked if I had made it so I said yes.  The other one then said if it was homemade, he loved it!  He just would not buy it in the store. He said he loves homemade cards. The other elder then told me that one of the missionaries in our mission has parents who own Stampin' Up!  Oh. My. Goodness!!!  Stampin' Up is the devil!  Can I tell you I have spent way too much money with them?!!! But loved everything!


For this card, I made a light green card base, having to change the size multiple times by cutting.  You can see in the upper left corner of this card a tiny bit of green which is actually on a page of Spanish language business I was doing.  I did not notice it until too late to crop.  I think I will put learning to crop on my radar soon....

For myself, I am okay with this card.  I do think I will use actual watercolors and brushes when I do it again.  I do really like the grass, though.  Also,  the tree is rather blurry because I did not have an acrylic block to mount the stamp on after cutting it out. I used a Chinet plate.  Don't do it!  Still, I thought it did give a little depth to the tree.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Mission: The Fog Miracle

There is a lot of talk among missionaries about the miracles they see every day, big ones and little ones.  When a miracle happens for you, it is easy to pay attention and remember to give gratitude to the One who made it happen.

Today was the first in a series of three zone conferences this week.  Dear One needs to attend them all to render a variety of kinds of service. Today was the only one I will attend as the office needs to be attended.  Dear One needed to be at the stake center by 7 AM as the missionaries were to begin arriving at 7:15 for car inspections before their first meeting at 8 AM (where they were to receive the smart phones for their area-one phone per companionship) before the start of the spiritual instruction that always starts at 9 AMM.  In order to get there on time we were out of bed just after 5 AM.  I had hoped to go swimming prior to taking him to the meetinghouse but I have to be up by 4:30 to make swimming work, so--not today.

When we got outside around 6:40 it was foggy.  Well, it was very foggy.  It was so foggy that our GPS kept getting lost from the satellites.  We kept getting a "Lost Connection" and other happy messages.

It is a fifteen minute drive to the stake center.  We were crawling along because the fog was so thick.  Then we were stopped.  After a while we started crawling again and pretty soon saw lots of emergency lights and traffic detoured.  A bad smash in the middle of the road.  We should have taken the route Dear One had in mind instead of following the GPS in the car...

Anyway, we finally arrived at the building after 45 minutes of travel and waiting.  My tummy had been clenching the whole way.  After changing drivers, I was nervous as a cat to get in the driver's seat, but had to get back to the office so, after waiting for all the cars to go by and let me out onto the easier route, the way Dear One had planned to go, I started out in the fog.  Within seconds of getting on the road there was cleared air probably three or four car-lengths in front of me.  I am talking clear air, not sunshine but no fog at all.  The thick fog was there, just way up ahead of me.  This bubble of cleared road enclosed me all the way to the office.

May I say I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for providing that miracle for me.  About halfway to the office I realized that my stomach was not clenching and I was calm as a baby.  It was perhaps a small miracle but oh so lovely and a great way to start the rest of the day.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Mission: Valentine Treat Attempts

Valentine Day is a great time to make chocolate treats to share around with friends.  I have been collecting heart-shaped tins and silicon molds for years.  Since I got to Oregon I have collected more!

This morning I tried to make some chocolate wafers to share at the office.  I used the 10-heart pan with decorated bottoms which will become the tops.

This is what I did:

Turned on the oven to 350 degrees F. since this silicon pan can be used in the oven.

Placed 6 Wilton Candy Melts wafers in each well.

Place silicon mold onto a cookie sheet.

Placed in the pre-heated oven for 3 minutes.

Removed from oven.

Picked the silicon pan up by the edges and whacked it onto the counter several times.

Not all the wafers had totally melted so I put it back in the oven for 1 minute.

Removed from oven and whacked on counter top again.  They seemed perfectly melted.

Placed cookie sheet and pan in the refrigerator for 10 minutes.

Not long enough.

Placed cookie sheet and pan BACK in refrigerator for 20 MORE minutes.

Pushed out of the pan without breaking the pan.

Next I tried putting only 3 wafers in each heart well as the other ones seemed too thick. (You counted them, didn't you!  And found one was missing.  Yes, that was me. I should have asked Dear One to try it. Oh well. He will have a chance.)

This batch I only put in oven for 2 minutes.  They were ready to go into the refrigerator with a few whacks on the countertop.

After 10 minutes in the ready to come out of the refrigerator.

There was some breakage here so I decided to try 4 wafers on the next batch...but that will be the last batch for now.  I can't keep getting up from the computer to check.  The timer is such a help but the time goes by REALLY fast when you are trying to do other things....

For the 4-wafer attempt...I put them in the oven for 2 1/2 minutes.  They could probably have used another few seconds.  I used the end of a spoon handle to stir them around a bit.  I had started house a toothpick when I remembered the instructions : use no sharp objects with silicon pans!  I was able to stir in the last of the slightly unmelted wafers then whacked them again and put in refrigerator for 10 minutes.