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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Not Still Asleep in Mexico!

When last you saw us, we were heading to bed in our beautiful villa in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Since then MONTHS have gone by. We had a fabulous time in Mexico, though we both came home a little under the weather. The climate is lovely there. By a fluke, it rained every day. Such a nice rain, most of the time. The red and yellow flags flew on the beach so we did not get much swimming-in-the-ocean time. We did enjoy the multiple pools, however. And on another subject, the breakfast chef can certainly whip up a delicious omelet in no time at all.

Now we are in March. The snow is beginning to melt and some people have started sugaring. The best news we have had is that two of our children will be giving us new grandchildren this year, a total delight.


  1. Sounds wonderful! Im sure you are all relaxed and tan now. Will I see you at the Genealogy Conference at the end of the month?

  2. Well, Now it's 3 grandchildren! though I am not a daughter-in-law!


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