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Friday, May 20, 2011

Time flies...

It has been ages since I wrote.  I was working furiously on the Sock Madness Forever project. I just missed getting into the fourth round.  Being horribly sick for five days put me out of the running, but I did finish my round three socks, a lovely yellow cabled pair.

Since then General Conference has come and gone. I have listened to the talks since then multiple times and am trying to put into action in my life the action items I got out of the talks...particularly Elder Oaks' talk on Desires.  My actions in the past have not supported my desires.

Also since the last post the log cabin that Bob built for us 39 years ago has been taken down and the logs burned.  We are getting ready to put up a stick-built house on the same location after excavating under the porch and putting in additional foundation.

The cellar room under the porch will be a food storage room so the main cellar can be used for other things.  Maybe we can actually have purposed rooms all over the house instead of everything a mishmash of uses.

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