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Thursday, July 21, 2011

A memory

Yesterday I was working on the computer to prepare for my Dartmouth email account to migrate to the cloud (yay for clouds, I guess...) and found an elderly email from daughter-in-law Laura...well, actually a report of a phone message from Laura.  She and young Anne had been out driving.  Anne asked if they were on the Freeway.  Laura told her they were on the Freeway.  After a brief pause Anne asked,  "When are we going to be on the Fourway?"  I thought that was really funny then, and I still think that is really funny!  Hooray for angel children and their thought processes.

Another one from last weekend.  Jonathan, Alissa, and children were at our house for dinner, but really so Jonathan could help move heavy stuff and do some electrical wiring.  After their long walk following supper the kids were at the table, newly moved into the new house from the storage shed, and were eating a delicious lime and raspberry dessert their mom had made and brought.

When 4-year-old Caleb finished his dessert...the first one to do so...he turned in his chair and looked at his grandfather and me and said, "Powered up.  Ready to work!" and jumped down from his chair and headed out the back door as fast as he could go.   As you might expect, there were smiles all around.  What a great attitude!  More of us could develop that one...

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