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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Here is an email I just sent to a friend to show how the day has started...

This message was written to a dear friend who is a provident living specialist in the ward.

"Just spoke with Bob and he is willing to humor me in getting pinto beans. I really love pinto beans just cooked and top with a little butter and salt and pepper, so we will be ordering a couple 25-lb bags of them when the time comes. I have to go through out buckets in the cellar and see if we have a 'started'/half-full bucket of pintos.  We have red, white, black beans but I think all the pintos are gone.

Were you able to get all your canning done?  Today I am processing tomato sauce which I finished cooking and seasoning and straining yesterday.  I processed seven jars last night...and seven more this morning. One quart leftover went into the refrigerator.  Don't you love it when you hear the last "pop" when the jars seal?!  I like it best when that happens within two minutes of being removed from the boiling water bath.  It makes me more confident that the seal will hold. 

Right now only the tomato sauce jars are on the shelving unit.  It has been holding empty jars and other kitchen stuff from the move out of the log cabin.  Bob and Robbie moved the two canning jar shelves into the new house cellar a month or so ago, then Bob moved the jars into boxes and kitchen stuff to the pantry, THEN moved one of the shelving units up to the pantry. I am so happy it is there, but it is going to make a lot of work when they want to put in the sheet rock and floor tiles. They put the "good" jars of canned food onto the floor in the cellar so today I hope to move them all up to the canning shelves.

Oh, rats!  I just looked over to see how the pot was doing and there was no flame under it!  I shut off the burner and opened up the house.  Now fifteen minutes later I have restarted the flame and was pleased that the house did not blow up because of the free propane. 

Maybe I had better stop my emailing and focus on what needs to be focussed on!  I went in to take a shower, remembered i had not taken my medicine so I rounded up the shopping bag of medicine and supplements I had taken to the temple last week to charge up my little pill carrier.  Finished doling out pills for the next week, sat down and started a grocery list, now am back at the computer.  It amazes me when I ever accomplish anything during the day.  The flitting from project to project usually leaves many things started, nothing accomplish, except the nap!"

You can see from this email that the honey-bee approach to life gives the honey bees a hive full of honey but leaves us with a house full of unfinished project messes!

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