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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas! and sweater update

It is a beautiful snowy Christmas morning here in Vermont.  We hope each of you finds peace and joy as you celebrate the birth of our dear Savior which happened so far away and long ago, but which is fresh and new each Christmas season.  With best wishes to you all!

As far as sweater update:  two sweaters are completely done and the smallest is only missing part of the ribbing and the buttons.  With good fortune it will be completed before bed tonight.  Then the blanket ribbings....

Here is a picture of the two completed 'new' sweaters (meant as Christmas gifts) and three other items that I never handed out then decided to hold until today:  a wool colorwork hat,  my first Bond sweater with flower buttons on the front, and a pair of requested armwarmers.

Hat, armwarmers, and button detail

Merry Christmas  and Happy New Year to All!

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