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Friday, April 19, 2013

Bunny Egg Covers...Success!

Every year when holidays come around people put up on the net some fabulous handwork ideas that are so cute I just have to make them.  Most often I see these too late to get them created for all our grandchildren and others I might want to gift with them.

This year I found this:Huggie Bunnies!  The pattern is very easy to knit and works up in perhaps less than one-half hour.  Here are some shots of the ones I made.

First basket of bunny egg covers

After knitting up many of these cute things and giving out quite a few, somehow I lost the batch of huggie bunnies I planned to mail to the non-local children and grandchildren.  This was so irritating and I almost gave up, but then thought again about how cute they were and how much the rest of the family would enjoy them, Cadbury eggs being a family tradition of many years.

SO...I picked up my knitting needles and began knitting again.  Since they were going to miss Easter by at least two weeks, I decided to do something a little different.  The previous bunnies which were given out on, or before, Easter,  had not had eyes because I thought no one would want someone watching them eat a whole Cadbury egg at one go, even if it was just a little knitted bunny. 

Since I found a package of wiggly eyes when looking for other things, I purchased a bag.  And installed them.

Installing wiggly eyes with a hot glue gun can be quite an adventure, let me tell you!  May I say I have never been an expert at a hot glue gun.  In fact, I have probably only used one three times before the wiggly eyes.  To my great chagrin,  I discovered it is VERY easy to raise blisters on the ends of one's  fingers...which brought me to a new technique for installing the eyes on the bunnies.  Tweezers can be quite helpful, even though a bit awkward with the pick-up.

This is the end result:

Huggie Bunnies with wiggly eyes, but no Cadbury eggs in the tummy...

It was suggested I make some for next year and put them in an Etsy show.  We shall see.


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