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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Icelandic Sheep Fleece Project

Blurry Icelandic Sheep from Apple Sauce Farm
While in Rangeley, Maine last week I was able to acquire a fleece from an Icelandic sheep.  This is a breed of sheep that has a double coat:  inner soft fluffy down, and outer longer more "fiberous" locks.  From what I have heard from the lady who sold the fleece, as well as looking around on the internet, it appears that there will be a lot to learn from preparing this fleece for spinning!

Unskirted Icelandic Fleece October 2013
Before even starting the cleaning process I have to decide if I want to spin the thel (soft undercoat) and the tog (soft, strong outer coat) separately or together.  To make clothing items for next to the skin, choosing to spin the soft undercoat separately is a good idea.  To make a nice laceweight yarn, the tog would be a good idea.  OR if I want to spin up some Lopi-like yarn for a nice cardigan, spinning them together is the ticket.  We shall see.

Since C wants to come to our house for some spinning help, I thought perhaps she would like to work on the process from start to finish, so I will probably only do a little playing around with the fleece for now.  I have already pulled off a little batch and soaked in in cold water for 30 minutes instead of washing it in hot soapy water.  It is amazing how dirty the water is after this process.  The fiber is now drying.  By tomorrow it will be ready for carding.  I might do a tiny sample of separate and even tinier sample of combination.
Tog, Rangeley Icelandic Apple Sauce Farm
Thel, Rangeley Icelandic Apple Sauce Farm
Second cuts...not something to spin

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