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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Knitting Today: Three Baby Wash Cloths

Several new babies have been born recently and my aim to knit them each a washcloth has fallen by the wayside.  Today was a rather dreary, rainy, drizzle-y day which had no outside commitments so I sat in our nice chocolate brown recliner with my size 4 (or 6) knitting needles and some cotton yarn and went to town on these cloths.

The first one finished was the round cloth. I rather like the looks of this one.
 It came out rather large so the next time I make it for a baby, I think I will renovate the pattern somewhat...a little smaller border and smaller inner circle.  We shall see.

The next two washcloths were for preemie twin boys.  They started out to be double moss stitch cloths, but ended up straight moss stitch...it is easier for me to keep track with a very simple stitch!  I think they came out rather well.  The striped one is really attractive though the photography does not make that happen....

None of these have been blocked, and it shows

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