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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Cake Pops!

In the past I have seen several "cake pop" recipes.  They seemed interesting to me.  Earlier this week I was talking with our daughter who had a need to make some cake pops.  She need to make a sample batch prior to working with the Young Women who may be the makers of cake pops for one of their upcoming big events.

This morning we received a call from her.  She said, "Mom, did you see the picture I sent?"  I had not so I immediately checked it out on my iPad.  WOWEE!  Those are some beautiful cake pops!

She said she did not use frosting to mix with the cooked cake.  She used strawberry jam.  It tasted delicious. 

She did have multiple problems with creating the pops especially after dipping them in chocolate.  Apparently they like to crack.  She said one cake mix makes about 30 pops but your net cake pops with one cake mix is actually about 20 pops due to breakage, etc.

She browsed for "troubleshooting cake pops" and found lots of useful information.  She found the first one she looked at to be the most helpful.

This is such a great idea but I don't think I have enough self-control to make any.

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