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Monday, September 8, 2008

The Country Wife Rises from, and then returns to, Oblivion!

Yesterday was a lovely Sabbath...all the right things happened, including dinner with son, daughter-in-law, and I would have said: grandsons, but they were sleeping off the excesses concomitant with attending church. Great meal, wonderful company. So, after going to bed at a reasonable hour, I woke up at 2 AM and could not go back to sleep, so at 3 AM I arose, spent 90 minutes knitting on Grace's second Aran pullover sleeve, then tried sleeping again. I finally gave up on sleep and crawled out at 7 then started clearing out the kitchen so I could work on the three flats of tomatoes that fell into our laps yesterday.

Now, at 9 PM, the final canner of stewed tomatoes is just finished and I will add them to the table where all the salsa is happily sitting. Don't really know what the count is, and am too tired to check, but one half of the table is full of luscious tomato delights for the coming winter. Bob tried both salsas with his supper and declared the one made with fresh ingredients better than the one made with the packet of "dried salsa seasoning". Not surprising.

So the end of a wonderful, but exhausting, day, with no emailing or working on anything else. To bed and blessed oblivion until the new day! Perhaps tomorrow I will be able to complete the second sleeve. My original completion goal for the sweater is long past. Grace is now hoping for Christmas, but I am hoping MUCH sooner as there are other necessities to knit!

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  1. Mom,
    those look great. I bet you feel some satisfaction at getting them done!!


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