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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Rainy Fall Morning

View From The Porch

Notice the field in the photo above has been brush-hogged last week and is looking good. The garden hose is in the foreground...going nowhere at the moment. Soon it will go to its winter home in the garage. Of course, the garage has to be emptied out first....

See how the light on the post is still on at 7:45 AM! It is a dark morning but not at all dreary, though it is raining somewhat. I went for a short walk to get the blood flowing in my veins and to remind my body that it really does want to be healthy and strong. I met our new neighbor this morning and had a little chat. She has only been in the neighborhood, at Savincki's house, for about two years now.

In this photo you can almost see the woodpile, but for sure you can see the flowers that need to be sheared down for the winter. Perhaps this year I will actually cut then down and tidy up the gardens for winter.

The little boys are coming soon so I had better get on with what I planned to do this morning. When they arrive I want to be able to play with them or read books to them. We had planned to go for a walk but since it is more or less raining, I am not sure their mom will want them to be outside. We shall see.

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