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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Beautiful Fall Day

Today was a great getting-things-done day. A perfect fall day with crisp temperatures in the morning and a bright sun with crystal clear blue sky and a luscious 50+ degrees in the afternoon. This morning I worked like a fiend to prepare for institute class tonight and many good things came to mind. Hopefully they will also come to fruition in a pleasing way.

After making out a list of all the things I needed to do "down country" I made a flying trip and did everything that was on the list. I felt that there was something else that was not on the list, but just left it as not do-able. I even went to Burger King to purchase a second Kid's Meal so I could get a second Boo Toy for Halloween for two little boys who might possibly come trick-or-treating at our house. Grandma wants to be prepared!

When I got home there was a message from the pharmacy about the medication I had asked to be refilled so I could pick it up today...the item that was NOT on the list. Oh well. Just as well because one of them could not be filled until tomorrow. Tomorrow is winter-tires-onto-the-rims day at Interstate Tire so I can just swing over and pick up the medicine then on my way to knitting (and dyeing) enrichment group tomorrow.

Also when I got home I took a bag of trash to the dumpster from the house then filled up the little cart and dragged a big batch of stuff from the garage to the dumpster with a minimum of distress from flying, jumping, crawling, biting, and stinging creatures all of whom think the garage and boxes, barrels, and cans in the garage are fair game for housing opportunities.

Hilda Yates' Farm Yarn sale post card came today. The yarn sale is the day we return home from Mexico so I will miss it this year. Should I call Hilda and ask her to put aside a big bag of yarn for me to pick up later....?

The photo shows our potato harvest for the year 2008. Grace and Anne helped us plant seven potatoes that had sprouted and looked pretty bad. This is what came of it!

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