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Monday, February 28, 2011

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday was a wonderful day at Church!  The speakers and teachers were all so inspiring and motivating.  They really made me want to be better.  I spent the evening knitting with a friend who made me a delicious supper--lavash bread sandwich and the best wheat/coconut/chocolate cookies in the world.  Really.  She is working on some beautiful socks that she is knitting toe up.  We thought she was at the point where the heel started but it looked like she needed three more rows.  Maybe we can start the heel next time we get together.  I did go over the pattern and write in the numbers at various places since she has a finer gauge than the pattern so changes in numbers were needed.

After the pepping up yesterday my plan was to visit two sisters with my companion but, when we looked out first thing this morning, sleet and freezing rain were hitting the road surfaces at an alarming rate and we just did not dare to go out (me) and children were home from school (my companion) so we will try again next week.

Since my planned church work was at a standstill I decided to spend the day profitably doing something else of real value and chose: family history consultant training.  One nice thing about this training is that records are kept and you can see what modules you have already completed.  That is also a bad thing about this training system:  you discover that either you had not finished all the modules after all, OR there were new modules to do.  So I went to work. I worked through several of them, taking time off to work on our own family history as part of the training.  There again I found that some of the people I thought I had already entered in the system were not there, so now they are.

Now that it has already been a productive day I feel the need to pick up the charity knitting project and get rolling on getting the last of the sisters' squares sewn together.  There is one more strip to go.  On Saturday I had a brain flash that I was not going to get the blanket finished in time for the meeting on the 8th of March--well, that was not the brain flash...that was just common sense:there is too much knitting still to do to get it completed with hand-knitting.  The brain flash came when it occurred to me to see if anyone on FREECYCLE had a knitting machine they would let me borrow, so I sent a message on Saturday evening.  Yesterday there was a message and offer!  Of course, I must drive to Springfield to get it and the roads were just too awful today; tomorrow I am going to the temple; so on Wednesday I am going to get up early and drive down there to pick it up before the potential knitting group meeting. I should be able to knit six strips pretty fast with that machine then pick up stitches to get a border around the whole thing.  We shall see.  Below is a picture of most of the squares.

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