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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Blanket is Finished

The charity blanket which our church ladies began in November is now off the needles and ready to give!  Hooray!  Many people participated in this project.  A good third of these ladies were non-knitters when they started.  When you look at the squares you can see that they learned very well.  It is a joy to work together for the welfare of another soul...even if we do not know the beneficiary of our service.

 Picture to follow when I figure out how to make it small enough...

  These are the garter-stitch squares sewn into strips.

This is the completed blanket.  You will notice the last two squares are sewn on for pockets if the person receiving the blanket uses it for a lap blanket sometimes.  Great place for a handkerchief, a paperback book, or to hide a couple of chocolate bars from the kids!

Thank you to everyone who made the effort to knit these squares!

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