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Monday, January 16, 2012

Another soul to carry on the Crossett name!

What a day!  Early up to get to the library for urgent book returns and the Coop for raw sunflower seeds at 7 AM before arriving at Jonathan and Alissa's to watch the children while they went to the hospital for a surgically delivered child.

We switched cars (the Camry was already warm on this 10-degrees-below-zero-F. morning), Caleb stayed home from school, Eldon went racing off to the bus, and Jonathan took Alissa to the hospital and the day was started.

All was well at the house...lots of Star Wars gaming and doll-playing, Candy Land and marble playing.  Cupcakes were made and finally frosted.  The physical therapist arrived and worked with Caleb.  The mittens for James were completed, washed, and hung to dry.  Leah went up to her nap saying, "No! No! No!" all the way but within instants of my arrival back downstairs she was silent.

Liz dropped by with cookies and a lovely soft baby blanket (which she makes for all the babies of the workers in Rik's office).  We still did not have any news, though the phone rang while she still here and we learned that all was well with mother and baby.  There was somewhat of a gender fight at the house.  Leah was certain that she wanted a little sister and Caleb definitely wanted a baby brother.

When the phone call came we learned the Caleb had won on this one and Leah retained her position as her father's little princess!  After Eldon returned from school and was fueled up, we headed for the hospital.  Eldon saw the baby in his mom's arms and thought it was a boy.  Caleb crawled into bed with his mom and was quite emotional.  He had been very concerned about the surgery and the repercussions for his mom afterwards.

Leah, upon hearing that her new sibling was a boy said, "No!  It isn't!" and started to kick up a bit of a fuss.  She did not want anything to do with him initially but she warmed up later on.

We are now back home; the children have been snacked, beveraged, storied, beveraged again, and are finally quiet. I am not so naive as to think they are asleep, but I can hope...!  I will be following them to bed after a little pick-up/clean-up.  Don't want Jonathan to fall over anything when he returns early tomorrow morning to help with the school preparation.

No name yet.

One thing we did today that was different than the usual...we had hear Garrison Keillor speak of the den cam on Sunday so I entered the URL and the children and I watched the bear, who had given birth on Sunday, yawn and stretch and sniff a bit.  For a live video stream click here.  You may have to watch an ad, but click on the Live Cams, and Jewel's Den Cam to watch Jewel sleeping or doing other stuff.  Just now when I put in the URL I noted that there were more that 4300 people watching Jewel sleep! 

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