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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bad Driving Cancels Hospital Visit

Last night was a great night:  only one person awoke and required attention between 8:30 and 6:30!  At least here in Wilder.  I think things were not so copacetic at the hospital.

Big news!  The boy has a name:  Brycen Daniel Crossett.  Nice name.  I don't know if it is intentional but those are the names of our former and current Stake Presidents, both truly humble followers of Christ and great men all around.  I could not be more pleased with that sweet little spirit's name.  We will be able to tell him stories about those men as good examples.

Today went well, and will go even better when the dad gets home soonish.  Leah took a very nice nap with no complaints after two stories were read, one of which was about a Tacky penguin and some sort of winter sports competition.  She saw some doughnuts in that book and indicated her desire to have some herself, so old grandma went to the net to see if there were any recipes.  There were many recipes. To how we made these doughnuts, go here.  This is what our doughnuts looked like:

The square doughnuts with heart cutout were popular.  The heart cutout doughnut holes were even more so...
We headed out on a marathon trip around 3:30 but it was raining and long before we got to Pompanoosuc we turned around and headed back toward the city where we hoped the driving was better with all the pavement.  It was quite scary underfoot.  We did call Price Chopper for some fried cod-a very popular treat that Grammie brings every few months to the children.  All three love the fish, and even if some of the health benefits are negated by the fried nature of the beast, fish is still a good thing.

A happy fish eater seriously attending to the fish.  He loves it with catsup.

Leah can't decide between the fish with catsup and the heart-shaped doughnut holes.  {The doughnut holes won this round...}

When we got home we called to report that we were not going to get to the hospital after all.  [There had been a very big uproar in the car when the destination change was announced, but with older brother trying logic, and younger brother being willing to (finally) accept the logic, things quieted down before we got to the first stop light.  It was long enough for me!]  We set up a Facetime date and made some happy little creatures.  They are going to be even happier because the dad is coming home tonight to sleep in his own bed. I hope the Indians remain in their tents tonight as they did last night.  That will give Dad a chance to get one night of sleep before baby Brycen shows up on the scene.  I did hear a report of him sleeping from 2 AM to 6 AM.  That is a pretty good start.

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