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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Company Invited for Supper

Today was a fabulous day in every way!  Was up at 5:45 and working in the kitchen--quietly because Bob and Robbie were sleeping.  With neighbors Connie and Frank coming for supper there was a bunch to do before leaving for Church...basically cleaning up after yesterday's kitchen excesses!

Church was great with Elissa and Peter giving fabulous talks on teaching the gospel in and out of the home.  So good.  Someone ill-advisedly chose "God Be With You Till We Meet Again".  By the end of the second verse I was able to hum along, but that was the best I could do.

Relief Society, taught by Meredith, on the subject of "Opening your Soul to the Lord Through Prayer" was perfect in every way.  I needed every word and have made a personal commitment to do better in one aspect of prayer.  Meredith had concluded the lesson with a two-minute conversation with the person beside us to come up with that commitment.  Such a great idea.  So beneficial.  We can now let some time go by and see how we are doing as there is someone who is interested in our successes and failures and will help us get back on track if needed.

We had a Linger Longer at Church after Relief Society...for about 40 minutes.  We had brought Spinach Balls which recipe Bob acquired at Thetford Academy at one faculty meeting.  People always seem to like them when we take them somewhere.  They were all consumed today, too.  Then off to home to get ready for supper.

The first thing upon arriving home was to put a little pizza in the oven for Bob then shape some artisan bread to get it rising.  Making the cheese sauce for the macaroni and cheese came next.  There has been some leftover cheesy garlic salsa in the refrigerator from the wonderful family dinner recently. I threw that in with the grated sharp cheese and extra sharp cheese. It did taste good.  Next was to chop all the vegetables for the Greek salad.

The Greek salad was SO good.  It was not until the meal was almost entirely over when I realized that I had forgotten to put in the feta cheese!  What a bust!  The salad dressing was really great, though the first iteration had such a bite with the garlic that I cut it with some lite ranch dressing--about 50/50.  That was just delicious and we didn't really miss the feta...there being a little feta in the dressing.

Now our friends have gone home, my emailing is completed, this, and two other, blog posts are completed and I am going to go lie me down.  I sincerely hope for a lovely full night of sleep before awakening in the morning to play with two grandbabies.

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