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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

AT Hiking Trip, Home Alone (sort of)-Day One

On Sunday we went to Church, left early to go to a training meeting at the temple, went to Al and Linda's home for an overnight because Bob, Al, and Bruce were leaving at 5 AM Monday to head to the drop-off point for their 100-miler in Connecticut and Massachusetts.  I left around 7:30 AM and made a "progress" towards home, arriving around 2:30 PM totally wiped out from all the errands.  The biggest part of the progress was stopping at Frank's Bargain Fabrics in Claremont to get upholstery fabric to reupholster the chair Hap gave us several years ago which is to be a porch-greet-the-sun chair. 

Because of being wiped out I took a nap until the phone rang then got rolling on a few home-ish projects including burning some past-its-prime stew beef to throw into the "beef" and barley soup we had last week when Bob was home.  Now with actual beef in the soup, even burned beef, it tastes ever so much better!

Because I was feeling better I scouted YouTube for reupholstery instruction and found a fabulous 23-part series on reupholstering a wing chair...which is EXACTLY what I needed to know.  I finally went to bed at 11:30 (to Robbie's great surprise!  and my own, too...) after watching all but the cushion-making section.  The instructor does absolutely fabulous work...way more than I am going to do. I am just going to cover the chair with new fabric after removing the old fabric.  I think (hope) only the armrests need more attention than new fabric.  The mice rather liked the horsehair while the chair was in the garage over the winter. Blast them!

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