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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

AT Hike, Home Alone-Day Three

Awakening before 6 AM I decided to work on Cynthia's genealogy data entry.  Worked until 7:30 when I heard  a text message arrive on my phone downstairs. Yay!  A second message from my love.  All is well with the hikers again today.

This time I started the back of the cabled purse for Joann (they are having their open house from 1-3 on Saturday afternoon and I would like to get these items ready.  Perhaps that will make lots of people want to take the classes which will give me the satisfaction of helping people knit something beautiful and maybe bring in a little play money for me...

Worked on that until almost 11 when I stopped for breakfast and kitchen cleanup.  It is really satisfying to clean the counters off and get the dishes washed and have a nice clean shiny sink.  Breakfast was more of the burned-beef barley soup.  I threw in a few queen olives today.  Nice addition. I might not do it again, though.

After cleaning the kitchen and moving the marble slab to the dining room table I lowered the legs on the island/table so I could bring in the chair for re-upholstery.  When I brought the tools up from the cellar I noted that there had been moisture in the clear plastic container that held the little sharp tools.  So aggravating.  Will have to think of some smarter way to store them. I do NOT want them rusting.

This is the bottom of the chair showing the dust ruffle attachment.

Cambric bottom, chair leg detail

Cambric removed and showing the good condition of the webbing under the springs

Chair back: BEFORE

Chair back showing the beautiful blind stitching along the top welting

Chair back after fabric removed showing the cotton underneath.  I think it is in good enough shape to retain that cotton.
This chair was last re-upholstered in the days when they only used tacks.  I am going to be using staples when I do it.  This is going to be more of a job than I imagined, I think.  I forgot that I needed masking tape and a Sharpie pen to mark the parts so I can put them back on in the correct order.  I only removed the cambric bottom, the dust ruffle, and the chair back. 

It is now evening and I am ready to wind the Bartlettyarn for the Lean to Knit Afghan project and knit up the Block of the Month block, which is a double-cable design, also for the open house at Joann this weekend.  I am happy this happens this weekend because I will be out and about and will be more likely to remember that Eldon has a piano recital at 4:30.

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