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Friday, July 13, 2012

The Wingback Chair Saga Continues

It has been a couple of weeks since I did any work on the first wingback chair re-upholstery project.  Yesterday I took two pictures of it to show an in-progress.

Inner part of chair mostly done with piping materials waiting to be used and the original cushion in the seat.

There are many pieces involved in re-upholstering a wingback chair.  I am enjoying doing this and give acclamation and appreciation to Mike Amsden of MJ Amsden Furniture of West Rutland, Vermont for putting a fabulous series of video tutorials up on YouTube.  The print tutorials I found on the net were great but his videos were FABULOUS.  He would be the man I would hire if I ever had a precious chair to do.

Wingback chair with the deck, inner arms, inner wings, and inner back mostly done.
This is an enjoyable project and one I can hardly wait to finish.  Maybe next week!  I have to make the piping and sew it on next.  That is going to be a project!  To make it easier,  I would love a pneumatic staple gun such as Mike Amsden uses, however he has told me the one he uses is around $250.  Probably won't happen.

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