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Friday, August 10, 2012

Several Cast-off/Bind-offs

This week I have been working on some samples for Joann Fabrics and Crafts as a potential instructor.  So far no one has signed up for the classes I have been assigned so Joann's is way ahead of me financially!

The Ladder Drop Stitch block AFTER the Jenny Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-off.  Can you tell which is bind-off edge?
The items I have knit are an easy knit cap/watch cap which is knit flat then seamed up the back,  a honeycomb stitch of the month block and a ladder drop stitch block of the month/stitch of the month.
FRONT of the Ladder Drop Stitch of the Month block!
 The cap was quick and easy.  The honeycomb took quite the most amount of time.  The ladder drop stitch was quick and easy once the learning curve was over.

Honeycomb Stitch block with previous ugly bind-off.
When doing the bind-off for both the stitch of the month blocks I was quite dissatisfied with the results.  At Elsie's yesterday, and via email today,  she made some suggestions for improving the look and function of the blocks...SO...I pulled out the cast-offs of both blocks and tried the Estonian Bind-off.  That was pretty good but not  perfect.  I then tried Lucy Neatby's Modified Conventional Bind-off.  That was also quite nice but also not perfect for these applications....SO...I went to YouTube and found Jenny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-off as done by Cat Bordhi.  Bingo!  It was fabulous for the Ladder Drop Stitch block.  It was almost as good for the Honeycomb Stitch block.
Honeycomb stitch block AFTER new bind-off.  Much better but still not perfect.

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