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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Baby Surprise Jacket 2, main knitting completed

This morning I was up early, not cooking this time, but knitting along on L's Baby Surprise Jacket.  Dear one came upstairs to join me (showing me the fine points of Roku operation, thank goodness, so now I can knit while enjoying media...in this case a family history podcast then some wonderful scriptural conversations on BYU-TV) which encouraged me to keep on knitting until I had finished the major knitting of the sweater and then did the purl bind-off.  On the first Baby Surprise Jacket I knit up I used the regular knitted bind-off. I will have to notice which I prefer.

Today I will hope to get all the ends woven in ready to try it on L tomorrow and see what I may need to do with the sleeve length.  I think she will want a little more length but not sure.  I will then go see Debbie at Country Woolens for some suggestions as to the best, most attractive way to do the sleeve lengthening.  I have some ideas but why re-invent the wheel when it is unnecessary.

Baby Surprise Jacket laid flat to see the weirdness of its appearance 'before'

See the yarn ends waiting for weaving in?!
Baby Surprise Jacket folded before yarn ends woven in.

Breakfast was sort of interesting today.  It was scheduled to be oatmeal. In the interest of making it more fun to eat I cored an apple then finely sliced/chopped it and threw it into 2 cups of boiling water to start cooking.  A couple minutes later I added one cup of old-fashioned oatmeal and cooked until done.  Two days ago I had made some applesauce (cored but not peeled then cooked the apples that were beginning to be less crunchy) by putting it into the Cuisinart when they were completely cooled then pureeing in great shape. I had thrown in three handfuls of sugar, but found that the applesauce was disgustingly sweet and very baby-food-like.  Really too nasty to eat, SO I took a cup of it and put it into the oatmeal/apple mush and stirred well, then tossed in a couple tablespoons of chopped walnuts.  It was pretty good!  Enough sweetener so no more sugar was needed and enough nutrition to feel virtuous, plus the added bonus that a cup of oatmeal mush for breakfast really holds you over well until lunchtime...unlike some breakfasts which leave you wanting more within an hour or so.

Another thing I made for my breakfast (as opposed to 'our' breakfast) was some miso soup.  This stuff looks like dishwater so you really cannot look at it, but it tastes nice,  is filling, since it is mostly water, and is cheap to make.  Simple:  bring 3 cups water to boil, stir in one teaspoon Hon-Dashi then put a little strainer into the pan with 1-2 Tablespoons of miso paste and stir it in through the strainer.  Add some chopped scallions and pour it into your mug to sip.  Very satisfying and comforting.  If you want to go a little more authentic,  you can add some wakame (seaweed) to the boiling water.  I did that the first time and went a little overboard.  Next time I will crumble up the wakame AND not put in as much. It is not really nasty but it takes some getting used to.  I think perhaps chopped fresh spinach might give you the same idea.

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