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Monday, October 22, 2012

Millet Loaf, Take One!

Barb, a friend from Maine, goes to Parkview's Lifestyle Choices program.  Before she went to the program this fall she was regaling us with how wonderful it was, how much she learned, and how many great vegan recipes the program binder contained.  Since she knew I was trying to improve our eating, and thereby, my health, she very kindly sent me one of her binders.  What an angel!!

So many wonderful-sounding recipes.  The first one I made was a pot of millet porridge.  Well, I did not actually use it as porridge.  I took a bowl of the cooked millet and inadvertently put it into a bowl that had a little butter in the bottom.  With butter in it, I thought, "Why not put a little salt and pepper on top?"  Well, it was very nice...so the second time I ate millet I ate it the same way.  Another time I think I will put chipotle seasoning on.

The first way I used millet in a recipe was Millet Loaf.  My recipe is sort of like the one in the Lifestyle binder but enough different that I feel confident sharing it.

Millet loaf ready for the refrigerator.
To eat this loaf, I sliced a thin piece, put a little mayonnaise on a slice of whole wheat batter bread, and ate it as a sandwich. It was really good!  Surprisingly good.

The next slice I ate I decided to dispense with the mayonnaise (not because it wasn't good...it really was...but I don't need that much fat.  Don't know where I got the will power to avoid that devil mayonnaise that time, but I am happy about it!) and instead I put the slice of millet loaf on a small plate and covered it with cottage cheese and sprinkled on a lot of chipotle seasoning.  Now, THAT was REALLY good!

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