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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mozzarella, HOMEMADE!!

Tonight I am smiling like crazy!  Not just quietly to myself, but a great big smile...occasionally even a tooth or two shows up!

The reason is this:  TODAY I MADE MOZZARELLA CHEESE!!!  It is the coolest thing.  It took about one-half hour, also a gallon of milk (I used whole milk from the grocery store), one-quarter cheese rennet tablet dissolved in one-quarter cup cool water, one and one-half teaspoons of citric acid dissolved in one cup cool water, and one teaspoon cheese salt.

Go to your local health food store to see if they have the Cheese-making Kit for $25.00 from the New England Cheesemaking Company in Ashfield, Massachusetts.  This cheese is so easy, and even though I thought I had a disaster because the curds didn't seem very curd-y, more like ricotta-y. I poured the curds into the butter muslin that came with the kit which I had placed in a colander in the sink so the whey could drain off then put it back in the bowl for more time in the microwave.

This cheese really does only take 30 minutes or so.  The only thing about the cheese is that it is not smooth and silk-like...more raggedy but it tastes far superior to any store-bought mozzarella I have ever eaten!  After some thought, I realize it may be that I did not heat the cheese in the microwave enough times to get it hot enough for the stretching.

Four balls of fresh homemade mozzarella!

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