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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Grilled Pizza again

Tonight I made beans and rice for supper.  It was really good when I tasted it during construction.  I had been asked by Dear One what was for supper and I had said beans and rice or maybe pizza.  When it was actually supper time, I said beans and rice.  The question was raised, "What happened to the pizza?!"  So, since I still had some of the artisan bread dough in the refrigerator, I grated some extra sharp cheddar, some block feta, and tried to grate my homemade mozzarella.  Not successful with the mozzarella.  Too soft. Creamy. Tasty.  I chopped black olives and finely diced a little green bell peppers.  All this I did while the grill was heating.

Since I had used the previous "pizza" sauce--actually some Classico spaghetti sauce--for some black bean chili yesterday, I had to open a new jar.  No problem.  Did it.  Also while the grill was heating I rolled out the pizza dough and placed it on a cornmeal covered pan...now it was ready for the grill.

 This is a picture of the pizza after the first side was cooked then the other side was loaded for cooking.

Loaded and ready for the grill.

This is the cooked pizza.  It is a good thing I cannot show you the bottom because it was a little bit "chocolate-y"!   It still tasted really good.

You can see that the homemade mozzarella actually did melt.  Probably in the oven it would do better because I was nervous to leave the pizza grilling long enough for the mozzarella to get really drippy.

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