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Monday, March 5, 2012

Hooray for Kitchen Sinks!!

What a fabulous day!! After many months (well, since 15 May 2011) of no kitchen sink, we finally have a working kitchen sink.  Not only that but Bob and Robbie installed a necessary drain hose on the stainless steel Kitchenaid dishwasher Bob found on FREECYCLE last summer AND IT WORKS!!!

We have already run a load of dishes through the dishwasher.  The only glitch in that system was the operator: me.  We have some dishwasher soap packets with a red dot in the middle of a hard blue soap cake.  We also have some dishwasher soap packets that are blue and some other smeary color.  It turns out that only the blue with smeary color packets must be put into the dishwasher without removing the plastic surrounding them.  The packets with the red dot in the middle really MUST be taken out of the packet if you want the soap to operate on the dishes.  Oh well.  Live and learn.  Again!

On another subject, after calling all my potential riders for the temple trip tomorrow I discovered that everyone has other plans or is unable to attend, so...I have downloaded a bundle of somewhat LDS podcasts to listen to along the way.  If I find them too far out there for my stomach then I can switch to some DEFINITELY LDS audio files or even my semi-lurid audio books...in this case a Martha Grimes/Richard Jury, a Lisa Gardner, a Tess Gerritsen, or the good old Old Testament where I am in Nehemiah.  Plenty of options if I don't want to just be quiet and enjoy the scenery.

We had a lovely Face Time with Janus and family.  So very delightful.  Grace showed me her beautiful Cat's Paw scarf which she has nearly finished and asked about any pioneer ancestors she may have who crossed the plains that she can think about while she is doing a trek this summer.  Anne played a couple of tunes on the piano, and asked for some slippers.  Lauren showed us her cat's paw, pawed one of the cats who gave her a back-paw on the face, played a little piano number, and asked for a pair of slippers and a green hat.  Laura had made a wonderful taco dinner. I am thinking we will have tacos very soon! 

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