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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Plant Killer...

When my husband's father died in May 2000 a kind soul brought his mother a beautiful peace plant which she loved and cared for until her death in 2007.  We brought it home to our house.  When we put on the addition three years ago we were given a lovely round plant stand sort of thing where we placed the plant upstairs in the beautiful bright room.

Last week I finally seriously paid attention to that gorgeous plant.  We were heading to the temple for the week so I put it in the sink and filled it with water hoping to resurrect it.  When we got home Friday night the plant did not live up to my hopeful expectations and my husband told me I had to dump it. 

Since I had not dumped it, on Saturday morning he moved it out onto the porch. I said I wanted to give it one more week to resurrect.  That was ok with him as long as I left it on the porch.  With the temperature at 86 degrees today, I think there may be some hope...?

This is the peace plant--age 12 years, five years after I took stewardship.  Is it a miracle that all five children grew up more or less safe and sound?!

Here is Bob's photo of the thermometer on our porch this afternoon.

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