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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Couple of Shawls, Some Dishcloths, and Baby Janes

Recently I have been working on a shoulder shawlette-sort of thing.  It turned out pretty well, but did not do the trick for me. It was intended to kind of curve around my neck so I could pin it in front.  Wrong shape and size.  Well, maybe I am the one with the wrong shape and size but it did not work out as I had planned.  Nice shawl, though.  Knit with Noro sock yarn which I purchased at Country Woolens in Lebanon, NH.

Shawl spread on porch railing.

Top detail showing the shawl was supposed to be stocking stitch but I changed to garter stitch due to sloth.

This shows the colors better.
Another shawl I made was for a little friend. I had wanted to make the Pine Forest pattern into a shawl but not for myself necessarily. I found a recipient and made it to her color choice.

Pine Forest pattern, an easy four-row repeat

Finished Pine Forest shawl
Notice the "design element" about one-third down...I planned to embroider the recipient's name there but found I was a disaster at embroidery and just left it.

Other completed projects lately are some washcloths:

Simple baby washcloths in garter stitch

Spiral lacy dishcloth

 Saving the cutest for last are these Baby Janes which were fun to knit for a fundraiser.  All four pairs went, and went for good prices, too!  I am so pleased.  I do think they are way cute.  I started knitting three pairs at once but got all tangled up and dropped back to two at once! 

Someone suggested I should make these for sale.  What do you think?

Baby Janes...casting on 28 stitches.

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