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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Motel Problems...

We were at the temple for our monthly service and spend two nights at the motel nearby.  It is always a treat to sleep in a nice clean tidy empty place which also has television (which we don't) so we can watch the Weather Channel, Food Network (me),  Law and Order, and Warehouse 13 (Dear One).  So nice.

Well, this time things were a tad different than usual, no big deal but little bitty disappointments.

When we got back to the motel last night and I pulled the bag of romaine lettuce I had chopped up at home early on Thursday morning I discovered it had frozen in the refrigerator department!  Uck!  Since it was not TOTALLY dead, I picked out some of it for Bob and some of the worse stuff for me, then put on some tunafish and some cottage cheese with a little Newmans Own Lite Honey Mustard sauce.  It was edible but disappointing.

This morning I could not believe my eyes at something that happened!  We went over for breakfast in the nice new breakfast room and enjoyed some "pan fried" potatoes of some unknown nature, some perhaps eggy scrambled eggs, and several very nice fatty spicy link sausages.  In the fruit bowl were several perfectly-sized small bananas so I put one on top of my plate to carry to our table.  That was going to be a sweet to complete my meal.  When I had finished my food I went to toast some English muffins for Dear One.  While I was waiting for the toaster I noticed he had gone to make himself so hot chocolate.  When the toast popped up I took it back to the table to butter then halves and to eat my banana.

You will imagine my chagrin when I noticed it was no longer there by my empty dishes!  I asked Dear One if he had eaten it but he had not.  A few tables away there were two boys, probably 10 or 12 years old, one of whom was stuffing a banana down his mouth!  I am pretty sure he is the guilty party, and while I was piqued by it after a few moments of gritting my teeth I realized that with Dear One and me both gone from the table they may have though we were gone and didn't want the banana after all, so I cannot fault them too much, but I was miffed!  I went back to the juice dispenser and partially filled a cup with cranberry juice then topped it off with orange juice.  It may have had many of the nutrients I was hoping to enjoy in the banana.

Now we are off to the next part of our weekend adventures...bishop's storehouse and Super Saturday in two places!  Our own bed will look pretty good tonight....

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