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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

TIme flies! Knitting, sickness, reupholstery...

It has been such a long time since I wrote.  So many things going on, some really nice projects finishes, and many others started. 

Some of our church ladies decided to work on a community service project knitting and crocheting hats for preemies, babies, and chemo patients.  The first collection was 19 hats!  So nice of the ladies.  Several more are under construction.  Pictures will follow.

Everyone in our house was struck down with a most virulent virus in February which took more that a week to subside.  Upchucking is about my least favorite thing in the world, and something I have not done for MANY years, but this time there was no stopping it.  A few days after the worst of it, when I was feeling better, I discovered that I had missed cleaning the entire walls of the bathroom.  Yes, it was that bad.  Fortunately the other people in the house cleaned up after themselves, except in the truck cab.  I have used the vinegar and water cleanup which only partially fixed things.  If someone wants to tell me how to get rid of the last of the smell, I would be very grateful.

Two pairs of mittens are finished. An afghan is started on the Bond Sweater Machine.  The wingback chair that I started reupholstering back in June of last year but stopped forward progress when I realized my little electric stapler was not robust enough to do the job has now started moving on since I purchased a pneumatic longnose stapler by Rainco.  Making progress, to my great delight.

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