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Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Knitting Journal--Day Six

The day has finally come:  I have completed the Christmas knitting for the grandchildren for this year...with the exception of one pair of regular mittens in dark gray and white.  Yay!  My target for getting the "foreign" gifts into the mail was tomorrow and I have gotten there!  A big weight off my mind.

Last night I worked on the gloves-with-mouse-faces-on-the-fingertips for a couple of hours finishing both cuffs, beginning of hands and all the fingers on one glove.  Today I was able to complete the remaining fingers and thumbs.  The pattern I started with  was Grinch Gloves.  I used some really lovely variegated yarn in grays, pink, lavender, purple, blue, and green. 

The pattern was very easy to knit and there were NO HOLES between the fingers to sew up.  Susan Anderson is a wonderful knit designer from the perspective. I have never knit a pair of gloves yet that did not have major holes to repair, no matter how carefully I worked them.  The only glitch on the fingers was that when I looked at the pattern numbers, they were never the same as on the gloves.

Glove with Mouse Face on Fingertip!

Finally I have a pile of completed Christmas knitting ready to go!

Most of the Christmas Knitting 2013!  Ready to mail out...

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