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Monday, February 24, 2014

Knitting Today: The Sheep Project

It is my privilege to be a special friend to some ladies in our church.  Each month we visit together and watch out for one another.  Sometimes we talk about a gospel principle.  This month we will be having a discussion about The Good Shepherd.  Since not only are we all blessed by The Good Shepherd, but we get to be shepherds ourselves, to care for one another.  This being the case I decided to knit a little sheep for each of the ladies to hang on a cabinet door in her kitchen as a continual reminder to be a good shepherd herself.

This is what I managed to make:

You cannot see their legs because I have them all clumped up together and because they do not yet HAVE legs!  I am going to get pipe cleaners for legs.  The strings on their backs are for hanging.  I hope it works, and I hope they are a good reminder.

Using bulky yarn and a US size 11 knitting needle, I cast on 11 stitches then did garter stitch for 11 garter ridges (22 rows of knitting) then cast off.  I folded the rectangle, stitched around the edges, stuffing with a small amount of fiber that I had from a fleece I skirted, washed, dried, and carded.

The head was knit using a US size 4 needle and worsted weight yarn.  It was a more complicated pattern than the body....!

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