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Monday, February 17, 2014

Food: Chocolate Cookie Heart Treat Boxes

A couple of weeks ago I found a Woman's World magazine at the check-out counter at Hannaford''s Supermarket.

There was an advertisement on the front cover about the paleo diet, a topic in which I am somewhat interested...imagining that it is instructive of healthier eating, something we could use here!

Inside I found a recipe for Chocolate Cookie Boxes!  Ever so healthy!  Not really, but a nice treat for young people.

Finally, several days after Valentine's Day, I found the time to make these cookies.  I think you could probably use most any sugar cookie for this.

My cookies did not turn out very beautiful and sleek like the ones in the picture.

 Things I did differently:  I could not find my icing squeeze bottle nor any of my decorating bags and tips...having done too much moving of stuff around recently...so I just used a teaspoon to dribble the "glue" frosting on the cut-out hearts.  The icing with the meringue powder worked really well to harden up and hold the cookie layers together.  Looking at the box of meringue powder makes me think I could have used one egg white instead of spending a fortune on the powder!  Next time.

The final different thing I did was that I used Wilton's Candy Melts for the icing on top.  I microwaved one $2.50 package (12 ounces) in a glass bowl in the microwave.  I used the defrost setting on the microwave and cooked for 30 second intervals, stirring in between intervals, until the disks were melted and smooth.  At that point I spooned on the melted candy and spread it around the cookie box tops (and on the tops of the small cut-outs) with the spoon.  It worked but is not beautiful.

This is another recipe that I am glad I made,  but having made it once, I think I will not make again.

Perhaps yours will be much more beautiful.  Even with their ugly duckling/Velveteen Rabbit appearance they were well received by the recipients.

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