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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Food Today: Quick Strawberry Ice Cream

Last summer our book group met at Britta's house.  Sometime before Book Group Britta had purchased a Blendtec blender.  That night at Book Group Britta made for us some fresh-tasting strawberry ice cream.  In forty-five seconds flat!

That ice cream was so fresh-strawberry luscious, so very delicious, that I began to long for a Blendtec blender.  When I looked at the cost of one, I knew it was beyond my capabilities to buy so I tried tamping down that desire.

For years we have had a Bosch mixer and at some point in the last two or three years we finally purchased the blender jar for that mixer.  I used it for making mayonnaise and smoothies for breakfast but that was about it.  When I looked at the horse power of the Bosch mixer and at that of the Blendtec mixer, I thought I would give the Bosch a run for its money.

Having gone online to find the recipe that Britta used, I was ready to make ice cream when the occasion came up.  That occasion was last night.  My brother was diagnosed a week ago with a large brain tumor.  My sister came to spend time with him from her home far away in the South. 

The day for our brother's surgery finally came (after twice being scheduled but with emergencies, his was re-scheduled) yesterday.  My sister's  son and daughter-in-law coincidently came from New York state yesterday. 

After a long day of waiting and anticipating, the surgery was over, (very successfully, according to the surgeon), and we went home.  My sister had purchased pizza and calzones for us to eat as the supper hour passed while still waiting, so when we got home we were not starving but some people were edgy for sweets.

My nephew's wife encouraged him to use a box of brownie mix (which was left over from the Oreo Peanut Butter Cupcakes from a couple of weeks ago) and make a batch.  She also thought ice cream would be fabulous on the brownies. THAT was my occasion to try out the Bosch with quick ice cream.

Pulling out the Bosch from the pantry I set up to make ice cream while everyone else was reading and the brownies were baking.  After putting the ingredients into the blender jar, I set the machine at low, then medium, then high.  By the time it was on high for a few seconds it started to make a grinding sound so I thought I should stop it instantly. I did.

When I pulled the blender jar off the machine receptacle and opened the cover, it looked like ice cream.  I was sure there would be big chunks of the strawberries down in the jar.  THERE WERE NOT!!

There was only delicious lovely luscious fresh-tasting strawberry ice cream in less than a minute!  Next time I am going to try blueberry ice cream and see if it is as good.

This is what was left over:

Strawberry ice cream made in the Bosch blender jar.
We had plenty of ice cream in our dishes, a couple of us only took small amounts, and there was enough left over for two more dishes.  We will make it again.

The recipe is posted on Grammie's Kitchen and Bedtime Stories

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