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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Little Visitor

Today I was sitting at the computer right beside a window overlooking the lovely side lawn at my sister's home on the Neuse River.  There is a very interesting tree outside the window with which I am unfamiliar.

There are tents set up across the lawn for the children's camp-out experience later this week.

All of a sudden a little visitor showed up beside me!  Quite a surprise!

Lizard?  Chameleon?  I think the latter because there was a little red sprinkled on his head.

This little guy was pretty funny because he ran along the window ledge then looked down then up.  And up. And up!  Then as quickly as he showed up, he leaped up the upright part of the window and disappeared.  I wonder what he found...

After conversation with my brother-in-law I learned the visitor was a gecko and the red on his head meant he thought he had a friend nearby who would be attentive to his colorful head!  Funny.

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