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Monday, October 26, 2015

Barbara Walker Learn to Knit Afghan Book block 51

Tonight I finished Block 51 which is called "Faggoting and Fancy Rib".  I cast on 32 stitches for it.  It came out pretty well considering I did not go back and repair every error!

Faggoting and Fancy Rib Block 51

One thing I learned as I was working on this square: row markers are critically important to a good result.  You will notice the row markers along the right edge.  This pattern had an 8-row repeat.  Even this small number of rows in the repeat was too much for me to memorize so I placed a row marker on the first stitch of each right side row.  When each pattern repeat is completed I move up the last row marker.  In this block with 8 rows there are four markers in the repeat.  When I start row 2 of the next pattern repeat I remove the marker from Row 8 and attach it to Row 2 of the new pattern repeat. In this way I am able to keep better track of where I am.

Another thing I learned/used was to count the stitches on the needle as I am preparing to knit each right side row.  If the number is off, this is the time to make corrections!  Take my word for it.  It is worth spending those few seconds.  It can make a world of difference in the work involved in completing the square.

This block has not yet been blocked as you can see.  Also, the blotchy look is from the tiny focussed light over the kitchen counter in our motel room glaring on one spot on the block.

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