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Friday, October 2, 2015

The Adventure Begins....

A and E have gone to Denmark for two weeks for E to visit with his grandfather and A to meet her new sister.  Grammie is spending the days with 3-year-old B and with C and L when they arrive home from school.  That is the plan.  Sometimes we may all go to Grandpa's house for supper. Sometimes Dad may just have to make supper when he gets home from work.

Day One was quite a long one.  Grammie had a meeting on campus but before going to the meeting she wanted to visit a friend to borrow an owl punch, got to the feed store to enter a jar of sweet pepper relish, and fill the car's tank with gasoline.  The friend was already gone at that early hour.  The feed store had not opened yet even though it after the posted opening hour.  The gasoline station came through for us.  We then did the feed store and arrived early for the meeting to get B set up with headphones and iPad.  He was excellent during the long meeting.

We then went to the yarn store for Grammie to sign up for a knitting class to make a "Wonderful Wallaby",  a pattern she had previously purchased but could not find so she acquired a new one, plus a new set of 16" size 6 needles, the class fee, and the yarn for the sweater sized for B.  He chose his own color: blue. I chose some white to do some patterning in the design.

After that we went to Joann's Fabrics and Crafts for some paper for paper-crafting, to KMart for medicine, to BJ's for coupon sales, and finally made a stop for fast food..."vanilla ice cream in a cup with a spoon please".  He thought we should go up to the airport to eat, which we did.  There were three other stops scheduled but Grammie had had enough.  It turns out B had also had enough.  We were about one and a half miles from home when he fell sound asleep, sooooooo.....When we got home Grammie got out her knitting and started the ribbing on the Wonderful Wallaby to be ready for the open class in two days.

When C and L returned from school we had some homework time then headed to Grandpa's house for games and supper.  Grammie made some Sixty Minute Rolls to go with some delicious vegetable soup along with some roasted cauliflower and roasted beets.  L announced that she does not like beets. Grammie said she did not like beets, either, but they were supposedly good for us so she ate three pieces. L did not.

Dad came for supper and stayed a little while talking with Uncle R then rounded up the gang, picked some jalapeno peppers, and headed home.

Adventures all day long.  Grammie will sleep well tonight...

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