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Monday, October 5, 2015

Funny Little Boy

As part of yesterday's shopping extravaganza with three-year-old B we went to a big box store for some Soft Soap that was on sale.  It came in two large bottles that were held together with a heavy plastic key.  We were doing really well, whipping through the store but made a stop for a sample of a protein bar.  He wanted the sample so I stopped to pick it up.  In the meantime he had been working over the Soft Soap unbeknownst to me.  Just as I accepted the protein bite he said, "Grammie!" in a rather distressed voice. I looked over to see that one of the Soft Soap bottles had tipped over into his lap with the cover off.  It spread all over he pants and was dripping onto the floor.  Big mess.  We stopped the continued messing of the store but he was ready to leave at the point.

Fast forward to this morning.  There were several things we did not get done yesterday due in part to the Soft Soap incident so I told him we were going out today.  He told me in no uncertain terms that he wanted to stay home today, so I let it go for a while.  When I finished my other projects I told him we were heading out, and we did.  Several stops later we stopped at a chain grocery store.  As I put him in the shopping cart he said, "We are not going to have another Soft Soap incident, are we?"  I almost could not keep my laughter inside...He is such a doll and really was so distressed about "the Soft Soap incident".

It turns out that, contrary to popular opinion, at least three-year-old opinion, a nap is a good thing to have.  Today was a case in point.  No nap today and about 30 minutes before Dad arrived home the stuff hit the fan.  Everything that could distress a little guy, did distress him.  Fortunately I had supper in the oven so as soon as Dad walked in they just had to set the table and eat.  I will be interested to see how it turned out.  "Breakfast Omelet Muffins",  Perri's mild Italian sausages, and scalloped potatoes.    I brought some potatoes and omelet muffins home for Dear One.  He thought the potatoes had too much sauce and so far has not eaten the muffins....

Arriving home shortly after 5 PM we unloaded the car from the shopping and child-entertainment-options, I grabbed a sweater and my Hanover Rec Department Trail Challenge map booklet and we headed to the Fall Festival where we could enter our completed trail challenge in a drawing for prizes.  There were not a lot of names on the list of completers but I do not know how many prizes there are, but one can always hope.

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