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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Mission: Last Week Before the MTC

Church with M and J was very sweet.  The talks were about missionary work, so appropriate to us.  A sister in the hallway started talking to me about the Portland, Oregon area, but was interrupted before she was able to clarify her dire words.  Yikes!

On Tuesday we moved from M and J to J, L, and their family in their new home.  It is a beautiful home, but as J told us before we got there, it was box city somewhat when we arrived.  We (mostly Dear One, I was sort of a lump in the comfy overstuffed chair in front of the fireplace) helped emptying boxes, carrying boxes, etc.

Dear One and J installed a reverse osmosis water system under the kitchen sink, including putting in a nice spout to pour water into cups.  He also helped J and L seal the floor in the garage with some sort of epoxy seal that included putting blue and other color paint chips on top.  I thought it looked very nice.  Now when experienced automobiles leak a little oil it will be easily cleaned up.

One thing I did do while there was to make a few pairs of earrings for the granddaughters.  I also helped AE to make her own.  She did a great job and is thinking of making more and selling them to friends.  (Possibly to earn money to pay for cell service…) She applied for a job online for the first time.  We shall see.

On Friday  we watched the Pro Tour de Utah bike race fly by on Antelope Drive where we had a street-side seat- actually A and I stood there twenty minutes watching the traffic before the rest of the family joined us and the large group of bikers came through. 

First video is the front runners.  Second video is the rest of the pack.

 After the race went by, Dear One and I hopped in the car again to move to our next residence:  C and S’s home where they live with the girls.  Because S’s mom was staying in their guest room they got us a room in a nearby brand new Spring Hill Suites.  The motel staff were just finishing their grand opening tours and celebration when we checked in.

We had a lovely afternoon with the children before their parents came home from work. We then went to Market Street Grill for dinner.  Very nice!  Very.  The girls liked their earrings.  I, of course, failed to check with Mom first to see if dangle earrings were acceptable.  We shall see.  I sincerely hope not to have started an issue there…another Bad Grammie situation possibly.

On Saturday the big event was A's baptism.  It was a lovely occasion with many of her family members there.  A sweet spiritual boost to watch this dear little girl so happy to be baptized and then confirmed by her father with uncles and grandfather in the circle.  Sweet sweet sweet little girl.  She is so innocent and lovely.  She hugged everyone in the circle with the most beautiful smile on her face.

Happy girl just before her baptism

Afterwards there were about twenty-five guests at the Pie Pizzeria for delicious pizza.  Amazing pizza.  If you are in the area it is worth eating there.

After naps at the motel Dear One and I went back over to the house for a light supper from Blue Fish and a fun evening watching an episode of The Grand Tour (I think is the name) which was really eye-opening and enjoyable.

We came back to find this on the full-time missionary portal:

Yikes!  It is just about here, the day we have been working towards since our mission call came on 1 July.  We are very excited.  We are so very much looking forward to this service.


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    1. We were staying near Christopher and his family in South Jordan and are now in the MTC.


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