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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Week One, Day One at MTC

We arrived at the Missionary Training Center around 3 PM Sunday afternoon.  Driving into the MTC grounds and checking in at the security gate was a very emotional experience for me…something I had been longing for many many years.  We were directed where to park while we went inside to announce our arrival and pick up our packet of information, ID tags, access cards, and room keys.  It is a beautiful welcoming lobby and the sister behind the desk was very kind and helpful.

We moved a small part of our belongings into our room which has a private bathroom, a bureau, closet, table, queen-sized bed, two bedside tables and lamps, and two semi-comfortable chairs with footstools.  We have two large windows, one of which faces directly onto the Provo Temple!  Such a glorious sight every time we are in our room.

After a very nice dinner in the cafeteria—imagine eating dinner in a very large L-shaped dining room where there are 2700—yes, TWENTY-SEVEN HUNDRED!—young missionaries coming and going, the young elders in white shirts and ties, and the young sisters in lovely colorful modest dresses—we finished our meal and went to find the location for the evening’s fireside.

Exploring the MTC campus was lovely.  There are several new buildings which have beautiful back-lit murals in the lobbies with message and thought-provoking questions for viewers to ponder.  We found our way to the large amphi-theatre where the evening’s fireside was to be held.  The senior couples have reserved seats on the main floor, which was a bonus!  Of course to get there we had many many stairs to descend to those seats.  We discovered a way to get there with no stairs on the way back!

We were welcomed by Elder and Sister Braithwaite, Senior Couple helpers,  who turn out to be related to the Braithwaites with whom we served in the Boston Temple!  Such sweet connections seem to be happening every day.  Truly marvelous.

The fireside was a performance by Jennie Oaks Baker and her four children with songs such as Amazing Grace and Abide With Me.  Between the musical numbers she spoke of their lives, especially bringing up the happenings of earlier this summer when her family was in Italy on their way to Austria for performances.  Their car was broken into and everything seemed to have been stolen.  Only not everything WAS stolen.  Her 1700’s violin was still there in the car, though her daughters’ cello and keyboard were taken.  As they prayed in their shock, they felt calm and peace.  Miracles happened and the cello was found several days later.

Following that fireside hour we were all encouraged to stay to watch a video of Elder David A. Bednar speaking on “The Character of Christ”.  It set the tone for the week to come.  Truly wonderful.  When the video was over, the brother who was conducting the meeting invited us to remain in our seats as Elder and Sister Bednar were actually there in the building to speak with us!  What a treasured time followed.  I am unable to put into words what a spiritual feast it was as he and she answered questions the young missionaries asked him and her.

I think you will enjoy it.  It is about half an hour long.

Well, speaking of "long", this post is pretty long so I will conclude.  Please to watch the video. You will begin to understand what Dear One and I will be doing over the next year and a half or longer.


  1. I'd love to know what your days activities consist of during the other six days of the week. Looking forward to next blog.

  2. I love reading all this! Thanks for sharing!


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