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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Braided Knit Ball--FINISHED!

About a year ago I saw a very clever braided knit ball online. I wanted to make one for the grandchildren.  The pattern called for six strips of stocking stitch knitting that were 20 stitches wide by 68 rows long in worsted weight yarn.  Since I happened to have a little yarn around the house (!!) I knit up the strips really quickly then put them together.

Well....putting them together was a somewhat discouraging project...1. because I could not follow the directions and 2. because with six different yarns, the 20 by 68 rows produced different lengths--four were alike, and, surprisingly, the other two of different yarns with MUCH more drape to them came out  way longer so the ball did not work

Enter Cheryl Brunette on YouTube with her Braided Ball instructional video.  Since I had kept the dismantled ball on the table by the computer for months, thinking I would figure it out sometime, I immediately pulled out a needle so I could do the braiding and grafting of stitches.  In no time at all I FINISHED!!  I am so thrilled.  The children will love it when they come to visit. I might even make another one.  We now have a grandkitten.  I am wondering if she would like a braided yarn ball...?

Here is a video of the completed ball:

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