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Friday, December 14, 2012

Selbu Modern: FINISHED at 1:05 AM!

For more than a month I have been knitting furiously on Christmas mittens (nine pairs) and one hat.  Just now I have finished the knitting and weaving in of ends and have put the hat to block on a plate.  To me it looks beautiful.  I think G will like is.  She knits and will recognize the effort and love that went into it.  Don't get me wrong...the mittens are also filled with loving stitches, but they are much more pedantic, though enjoyable to knit.  As soon as the hat is dry, I will mail off the western packages...well, as soon as I find the one missing mitten...hopefully on Saturday.

Here is a picture of (both sides)  Selbu Modern in green and blue Baby Ull yarn which I purchased at Country Woolens in Lebanon, NH, a thoroughly wonderful shop run by a great lady:

The crown of the hat worked out beautifully---62 rounds of pattern stitches.   Lots of ripping out and re-knitting when I was visiting with people!

Notice that the cast-on round was done in contrasting color.  It makes a huge difference...at least to me!

Now, on to the next projects...


  1. Mom! That is gorgeous. A hat of sorts? great work!!!!!

  2. I really like the contrasting caston. I was thinking of doing that for the mittens I may someday finish


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