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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Miso Soup...what a surprise!

When I was visiting in Utah a couple years ago S, T, and A took me to The Blue Tuna or some name like that..The Blue Something, anyway, where we had miso soup.  I was much taken with it.  I purchased the ingredients and tried it on my own.  My own was not that great.  The first few times...

Fast forward to Vermont this fall:  soup time is on!  Fall and winter soups are wonderful.  We often have soup for supper.  While looking on YouTube for miso soup recipes, I learned that often Japanese people eat miso soup for breakfast.  Light bulb goes on here!

So, now I am having a cup of miso soup broth for breakfast, and other times a day.  It is delicious, and filling.

Here is a picture of my ingredients and the mug of soup:

For my actual recipe, go to Grammie's Kitchen and Bedtime Stories.

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