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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Food Today: Chex Mix Project

Father's Day is coming up soon.  On Mother's Day the ladies at Church receive a bag with Lindt chocolate truffles and a beautiful bookmark with a painting or photograph produced by a member of our congregation and a useful quote. 

We wanted to do something for Father's Day, but different in some what.  SO....we hatched out the scheme of making Chex Mix to add to the Lindt chocolate truffles.  The children's organization bagged up the chex mix into zipper-close plastic bag which they attached to a white shirt cut out of card stock.  They also cut out bow ties which were stapled to the white shirt.  Two Lindt chocolate truffles were put in a snack-sized zipper-close bag and also attached.  All in all, this is a project to be remembered by everyone!  It remains to be seen how it is received on Father's Day!

Last batch of Chex Mix bagged up and ready to go...

Sixty white-shirt-bow-tie-chex mix-and-Lindt-chocolate bundles were produced.

Happy Father's Day to all!

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