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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Knitting Today: Mentoring

One of the sweetest things I love to do it share knitting with people.  Often there are girls or women who would like to do something with their hands but don't think they can.  They may have had a previous experience with knitting (or crocheting) but were unsuccessful at one time or another.

Things I have done to help others learn to knit:  teach a class at Joann Fabrics and Crafts, teach a class at Relief Society, teach a class at Church while waiting for youth activities to complete, teaching a class or individuals at home.  All these make me smile happily to myself when I see the progress these questing people have made.

Most recently Angel wanted to learn to knit.  My preference for knitting fiber is natural fiber, most notably wool.  It turns out Angel is VERY allergic to wool.  No lie.  Some people really are allergic to things: smells, foods, fibers. 

Since Angel could not use wool we discovered she could use cotton so she started working with worsted weigh cotton.  She knit a washcloth which came out very well.  She was more than willing to rip out and re-knit when she felt the work was not correct.  Such a GREAT attitude.  Every time you take out and re-knit a piece of work, the work improves and your overall knitting skills improve.

The second item Angel knit was a headband with several knit flowers with button centers. I could not be more impressed with her knitting skills!  She is getting good at what she does.  I look forward to what she will knit next...

Angel's knit headband with knit flowers!

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