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Friday, June 27, 2014


The last few days have been glorious!  There has been a little breeze to mitigate the heat.  There has been little humidity.  It has been just the best.

In fact,  with the gorgeous low-hanging clouds two days in a row, it reminds me of summers when I was a girl.  My brothers and sister and I used to lie on the lawn in those far-away days that were just like these recent days.  We would look up into the sky as the huge fluffy cumulus clouds would float by overhead.  We liked to imagine they looked like various fantastic shapes.  Sometimes they did.  Sometimes they didn't, but it was fun anyway.

The first day of the low-hanging clouds was truly spectacular as the sky was a perfect blue except where the clouds ranked themselves row on row.  I was so sorry I was unable to take a photograph of them.  These photos from the second day show the clouds but are nowhere near as spectacular as there was a lot of other cloud material in the sky.  Still, I love them.

Row after row, rank after rank of low-hanging cumulus clouds.

Lovely cumulus clouds with distinct silver linings!  I love them.

After a long day of travel, I arrived on the Neuse River in North Carolina, and there were the same low-hanging clouds a third day in a row!  What a glorious earth Our Father has given us to enjoy.

On this day I also took no photographs due to a total inertia which overtook me as I came out to watch my sister, her husband, son, and grandsons empty the crab pots.  Sitting in one of my grandfather's Adirondack chairs under the branches of a lovely green oak-ish tree overlooking the river...who could move back into the house to get a camera?!  Such a lovely pleasant evening in a gorgeous part of the country.

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