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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Knitting: Fish Scale or Stained Glass Mittens

Another iteration of my mother-in-law's popular is called Fish Scale Mittens.  I found the pattern online.  I was so thrilled with the way these came out.

My view on mittens is that they must be made of pure wool. I frequently choose Paton's Classic Wool since it is lovely and soft. It is also easy to knit up.

This grandson's current favorite color is orange.  The local Joann store did not have orange Paton's Classic Wool so I dyed some natural Classic Wool.  I used a Dylon dye which did not make a very vibrant orange but I thought it was still okay.  Another day I will discuss that process.

These are the mittens I knitted using Paton's Classic Wool in both Harvest color and the hand-dyed light orange.

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