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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Knitting: Mini Knitted Football

A nice little boy came to visit the other day.  There was a big soft knitted ball in the "kids' basket" which he found interesting.  He knew I had knitted it.  I asked if he would like me to knit one for him since he was going to spend the afternoon. He did want me to knit one.

We went to Ravelry.com to look for patterns.  We found a large list of balls of many types.  The mini knitted football was the one he chose.

As it is moving up to Super Bowl season perhaps others would like to knit the same pattern in favorite team colors.  This would make a nice decoration for the snack table.

The yarn I used was Peaches and Cream worsted weight cotton.  It took less than two hours to knit and stuff. 

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